Value Incorporated offers complete engagements addressing a wide variety of purposes including financial & tax reporting, transactions, and litigation.

VALUE Incorporated is...

one of the best known independent firms in Texas focused on business valuation and economic damages. In the area of financial valuation, we appraise businesses, securities and intellectual property. In the litigation arena, we are frequently called upon to form opinions on valuation matters, determinations of economic damages, infringement damages, reasonable compensation, and other financial or economic issues.

Since formation, we’ve completed thousands of engagements involving a wide spectrum of clients and issues. While many of our projects involve companies in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the majority of our projects involve companies elsewhere in Texas, across the nation and internationally.

Our clients include global public and private corporations, professional firms, private equity firms, investors, government agencies, and small business from virtually every industry sector. Our senior staff has completed thousands of consulting engagements during their careers. Because we’ve worked with clients in virtually every industry, we’re familiar with the key factors that drive valuations for a broad spectrum of companies.

We strive to satisfy our clients by delivering accurate and well-supported opinions, getting projects done on time, making the process easy for our clients, and clearly communicating complex financial issues, methodologies and conclusions.