Patrick Crawford,


Patrick Crawford is an Analyst with VALUE Incorporated, a premier firm specializing in the valuation of businesses, securities, and intellectual property. He advises clients through mergers and acquisitions, litigation, and financial reporting.

The scope of Mr. Crawford’s work includes valuation analyses and consulting for mergers and acquisitions, including fairness opinions and purchase price allocations. Mr. Crawford also provides valuation opinions for financial reporting, such as stock-option valuations, goodwill impairment studies, and transfer pricing analyses. Additionally, he provides valuations of business and partnership interests in matters relating to gift and estate taxes. Mr. Crawford provides services to clients in a wide range of industries, including banking, energy, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, media, retail, wholesale, and various technologies.

Prior to joining VALUE Incorporated, Mr. Crawford worked for an early-stage company that operated in the technology, energy and HVAC industries, The Perfectly Green Corporation. His initial role at Perfectly Green was as an analyst, eventually assuming the role of Director of Finance, Strategy and Investor Relations. Through his time there and his significant work exceling the company forward, he obtained a minority equity stake in the company.

Mr. Crawford is a Level II CFA candidate, and is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration at Southern Methodist University through their professional part-time program. He was accepted into their Graduate Portfolio Practicum course where he and the other selected students manage over $8 million of SMU’s Endowment. He received his baccalaureate degree in Business Administration at Baylor University. During his time at Baylor he was accepted into the first Baylor Accelerated Ventures Program course. This course was designed for only the top students in the business school, as the students were given seed funding to start their own businesses and worked with successful entrepreneurs and investors who provided guidance along the way. He also participated in the International Business Seminar, visiting seven different European countries, where he attended seminars through the program at companies such as IBM, Eli Lily and Lloyd’s of London. Mr. Crawford grew up in Abilene, Texas where he was introduced to flying at an early age and currently holds his Private Pilot’s License.