Practice Area:


Value Incorporated offers complete engagements addressing a wide variety of purposes including financial & tax reporting, transactions, and litigation.

No matter how strong your case is, optimal outcomes are only possible with strong, credible evidence and experts.

In the event you require expert analysis or testimony, the professionals at VALUE are experienced in providing consulting services where financial, economic or valuation disputes arise. Our opinions and testimony are often 
relied upon by courts to establish the values of businesses, securities and assets and to quantify economic loss or damages.

Our consultants assist both plaintiffs and defendants in mediation, arbitration and trial, and we have testimony experience in district, 
federal, tax and bankruptcy courts.

• Valuation Disputes
• Economic Damages
• Intellectual Property Valuation
• Intellectual Property Infringement
• Shareholder Disputes
• Tax Litigation
• Securities Fraud Disputes
• Bankruptcy Advisory
• Fraudulent Conveyance
• Divorce
• Appraisal Rights Cases